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“Phew! I got through it.”

“I fought through feeling insecure and afraid, and no one knew how terrifying it was for me.”

But what if they found out how you really feel on the inside?

“Why does the past still bother me? Why do I even feel like this?”

You feel like an imposter, and you are not sure who you are.

“Am I ever going to get past this?”

These feelings make little sense to you.

You have spent so many years accomplishing so much and achieving almost anything you set your mind to. Yet inside, you still feel you are missing the mark.

Chasing success for a long time, but mostly feeling unfulfilled. You grind and grind, overworking yourself, and now you’re completely stressed and burned out.

“There has to be a better way.”

“I shouldn’t feel this way.”

You were living life just fine – and then something shattered your peace and comfort… the loss of a loved one or your job… the end of your marriage or relationship.

You can’t seem to get back to feeling like yourself or enjoying life.

“It seems like everyone else gets through tough times with no problem – what do I do now?”

There’s more self-understanding and healing you need because you’re not experiencing true peace.

Therapy can help.

You are already wise and capable. But there are some obstacles you haven’t been able to conquer on your own.

The coping strategies you’ve tried aren’t working anymore, and you’re ready to learn new skills to help you overcome challenges.

You want to learn how to manage your emotions – you might even need to learn what emotions you feel.

It all just feels the same to you…

… and it can be confusing.

Wishing you could quiet the ugly thoughts you tell yourself about yourself. Your inner story can change to a more empowering one, and you will learn how to do that.

You need a supportive environment to explore parts of yourself that you have hidden away for fear that no one will understand.

It is time to experience support that encourages you to be the best version of you.

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Hi, I’m Deb.

I help people reconnect with themselves – the deepest parts of themselves and their true desires. It is my passion.

Many years ago, I was also wondering if therapy could help me and what did it say about me if I went to a therapist? Well, I found it to be such a positive life-changing experience that I decided this would be my life’s work.

Everyone has different needs and goals when coming to therapy, but through therapy, you can understand yourself better, learn new skills, reclaim vital parts of yourself, and make peace with parts of your past. When you do some inner work, your outer world changes, too. You will start to experience life in more fulfilling ways.

It will start with a free 15-minute conversation to see if we are a good fit for each other. I will ask you some questions and explain how I work with clients. You will also get to ask questions of me. By the end of our call, we will know if scheduling an appointment is our next step.

When we start to work together, we will lay out a plan for how you can put anxiety, stress, your past, or this new challenge behind you. We’ll look at where your challenges are coming from and what to do about them. I’ll support you in each session as you work toward your goals.

It will take some courage – you can do it.

Let’s work together to get you back home – to your true self.

Understand. Heal. Grow. Call me today to schedule your appointment:

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