About Therapy

You’re probably nervous and have lots of thoughts about therapy.

Shouldn’t I be able to handle my troubles on my own?
Does going to therapy mean I am weak?
Can I afford this right now?
What will people think of me if they know I have a therapist?
Is it like what I see on TV?

The questions you have about therapy aren’t really yours; they were taught to you by family, friends, and culture. There is a belief that we all must “suck it up and move on” in our culture. You might even have family or friends who would disapprove of you seeing a therapist or seeking help outside of your inner circle of support. Forget about what is shown on TV or in movies – that would make anyone avoid therapy!

Despite the questions, doubt, and uncertainty about therapy, you know you have had enough of the pain and confusion. Deep inside, you know that this is the right choice.

Maybe you’re wondering how you got “here” again…

For some people, life seems to go along just fine, and then it comes crashing apart. They get through it, and then a few years or even months later, it crashes again. It can be problems with jobs, relationships, or health that, despite your best efforts, seem to keep falling apart, or it can be different challenges over and over. Why does this keep happening to me? Sound familiar?

Are there habits you keep getting into like overworking, isolating yourself from others, spending too much, perfectionism? You are frustrated with yourself because you are a capable, smart person, and you know you can do better, but when you think you’ve found the answer, you can’t seem to get the changes you make to stick. If I stay busy enough, it will eventually get better. Yet it hasn’t, has it?

If you are willing to do some deep inner work, like therapy, it can get better.

You can only avoid what is going on inside for so long…

… before it shows up as sleepless nights, worrying, low mood or energy, self-doubt, anger, addictions, or many other symptoms.

People avoid their inner pain in many ways:

  • Addiction: to numb the feelings (gambling, shopping, substances, relationships, sex – most anything can become an addiction)
  • Overworking: staying busy, so you don’t have time to think
  • Perfectionism: to feel some sort of control in your life because your insides feel so chaotic
  • Continually starting new things: like a job, relationship, project, or hobby
  • Denial: when someone asks how you are, you say you’re “fine” even though you aren’t.

Most people aren’t aware of their avoidance patterns.

People also choose to hide their true feelings and avoid being vulnerable for fear that they will be shamed, judged, or mocked. However, avoiding inner wounds and emotional pain eventually creates more of the same. Avoiding or “bottling-up” emotions is an outdated way of dealing with life. It only creates shame, guilt, pain, loneliness, self-criticism, and self-doubt.

But you can learn how to navigate your life in a more genuine, sustainable manner. You can choose a different path – one that leads to self-acceptance, authenticity, growth, and success in the ways that define it.

You have a vision for your life, and you know it involves ALL of you.

You know there is more to you than what you present to the outside world, and you are tired of having anything less. You want to wake up excited to face the day, ready to rise to whatever challenges come your way because you have the confidence and knowledge that you can get through them.

That nagging self-doubt is gone, and if it comes up, you know how to put it in its place. If tough emotions show up, you have the tools to manage them, so they don’t impede your goals.

You will have learned how to appreciate all aspects of yourself, and even those parts you have neglected or don’t like. You have developed parts of yourself that served a purpose at another time of your life very well, but now they aren’t as effective. They were useful at one time and should be appreciated because they are a part of you. When you can look at those parts without judgment, you can continue toward your goals leaving no parts of yourself behind.

It’s never too late for you to grow from the obstacles that have impeded you living your best life.

That’s what therapy is all about: Living your best life…

But maybe you’re not sure how to get different results… or perhaps you doubt whether you’re even capable of changing.

Professional experience has taught me that people are wise and capable. They have come to a point where previous managing ways are not working for their current challenges.

In our first meeting, I will ask you what challenges you are facing and your goals for our time together. I will also ask you what you are good at (your strengths). If we are going to focus on what’s not going well, it is only fair also to remember that things are going well for you, too. Your strengths are finding some answers to how you will move toward your goals.

We will develop an action plan so that our work is focused, and you can measure your results. We’ll be collaborating; you are in charge. I will follow your lead in sessions and use my expertise to help you unravel what needs unraveling at the moment and continue guiding you toward your goals. I will share ideas to consider and point out possible clues, but you and your goals are the guiding force.

I believe in the effectiveness of therapy when it’s practiced with goals in mind. Some therapists take an approach that does not have goals other than to allow the client to talk. I don’t think that approach is wrong… I prefer to work at a more focused pace. When the work is more focused, I’ve seen faster results.

You will learn skills and gain insights in session, but practice in your daily life is where you will see the most results. At times, I give homework so you can maximize your efforts in between sessions. You can reach your goals more quickly this way.

Your needs are unique, so we’ll determine what works best for you. Through our collaboration, you can connect with your authentic self, unlock solutions to challenges, and find more enjoyment in life.

Regardless of how long you have been suffering or feeling stuck in your journey, you can heal, learn new skills, and experience life in more peaceful and fulfilling ways.

I look forward to sharing this time with you…

Please know that our time together will be work, and it can feel like work. Also, know that it will be worth it. We will discuss some serious topics happening in your life, but it can also be more light-hearted at times; it won’t be “doom and gloom” all the time, or you just talking constantly about “problems.”

We might laugh together in session.
Does that surprise you? Laughter is very healing, and we might laugh about how silly life can be. You might even laugh at yourself when you make connections and have insights into your behaviors.

We might be silent in sessions at times.
You will take in information and making sense of your life, and I will give you time and quiet to reflect if you need it.

We might celebrate your wins together.
You will have insights into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors while in therapy, and I will probably see and hear your wins before you do. I will be sure to point out your progress to you if I notice it before you do.

Clients tell me I am approachable, caring, and compassionate… and that they feel respected, understood, safe, and hopeful when they’re in session with me. They would also tell you I can be direct at times. Just know that this comes from a place of genuine caring and empathy… and a passion for helping you reach your own goals.

About Me

Here’s why I became a therapist…

I have experienced the transformative nature of therapy for myself more than once in my life, and I believe that you can heal and grow from past or current concerns that have gotten in your way of living your best life.

I grew up in a family that didn’t know how to handle emotions unless it was happiness. When I went through some traumatic experiences as a young teen, my father had a good awareness to get me to a therapist for help to navigate these challenges in my life.

I had never known consistent and genuine acceptance before I met that therapist. She listened to me and didn’t judge me. She listened to me express all the emotions and thoughts I hadn’t been allowed to speak before, and it was liberating. I gained a greater understanding of the challenges and learned ways to manage what I was going through, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I could get back on track quickly after that.

There have also been other times in my life that a therapist could help me get back on track after massive, sometimes unexpected changes in my life, other traumatic experiences, and even just feeling like I wasn’t thriving. Every time, I have been able to get back on track with my goals and desires in life.

I wanted and needed feedback about my circumstances and strategies for overcoming issues from someone who was objective. Talking to family or friends can be tough sometimes because they know you too well or think they know you and what you need, so they can’t be objective. As much as they might want to be, they aren’t always helpful.

My first experience with therapy was when I knew that I wanted to make this my life’s work. Like that therapist who helped me through a very rough time in my life, I knew I also wanted to help guide people to wholeness. “What if everyone could feel this kind of acceptance and understanding in their lives?” I thought. “That could be healing for so many people.”

You can also experience transformation through therapy and start to thrive.

Education and experience…

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Addictions Counselor, and an EMDR-Certified Therapist. I earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Loretto Heights College in Denver, CO, and my Master’s degree in Counseling from Regis University in Denver, CO.

I have worked with children, teens, families, couples, and individuals, including veterans and homeless clients – all from different backgrounds. I have worked in various settings (many in downtown Denver), including outpatient treatment, community mental health and substance abuse agencies, high schools, a detox center, transitional residential treatment, and outpatient substance abuse clinics.

I’ve taught therapy groups for teens and adults and have managed two substance abuse clinics. I am proud to have helped create and pilot a program with the Colorado Quit Line for pregnant mothers who want to stop using tobacco during pregnancy. I have also provided clinical supervision for aspiring counselors and enjoy mentoring new therapists.

When I’m not doing therapy…

I spend time with family or friends, playing with my two dogs, dancing in the kitchen, walking in nature, reading, doing yoga, growing orchids and houseplants, and tending to a garden in the summer. I am looking forward to adding more creative, artistic projects to my life and exploring outside of the city this year.

Congratulations on taking this step toward discovering your best self!

I’m excited for you for taking the first step toward reclaiming your life.

Don’t feel like celebrating just yet? I get it. When you start to reclaim your life, you can celebrate then.

You don’t have anything to lose by reaching out for a consult except for 15 minutes of your time. If you or I don’t feel like it is a good fit, I can recommend other therapists I think could help you.

You might have more questions. If so, check out the FAQ page. You can do this, and I will be there to support you.

Call today and let’s schedule your free 15-minute consultation:
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