Telehealth, also known as “online therapy” or “virtual therapy,” refers to therapy done through video call technology.

Here’s how it works…

Telehealth is provided through a secure video-conferencing platform that’s HIPAA-compliant (that means your private information is protected while online). It works like Zoom but with more security.

As far as location is concerned, I will be in a private office so that conversations stay between you and me. On your end, you can be in any private location that has a strong enough internet connection. That could be your home, your office, your car, or a secluded outdoor space. Just remember: A strong Internet connection is important.

You can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer for your sessions. Some clients prefer using earbuds or headphones for audio.

Here’s how we’ll connect…

Accessing the call is simple. All you do is click the link I send you for your call, which will open in your Internet browser.

You’ll give access to the camera and microphone on the device you are using (so I can see and hear you), and then you enter your name.

I will then join you at the time of our appointment. From there, the process of therapy is practically the same as it is in person.

Here are the benefits of this convenience…

You save the time and energy it would take to travel to and from my office, which allows for more flexible scheduling of appointments.

With telehealth, you can schedule during a lunch hour, during your child’s activity for which you’re waiting in the car, or during the time you would have been stuck in rush-hour traffic trying to get to my office.

Just think: Could you make it to an in-person therapy appointment if your car wouldn’t start or if you were stuck at work? With teletherapy, you can!

Finally, if you’re in quarantine or self-isolating, we can still do therapy together if you feel well enough.

Here’s how to get started…

If you have experienced in-person therapy before, online therapy may feel slightly different at first. It becomes more comfortable and familiar as you gain more experience with it.

And if you have an in-person appointment, you can change it to telehealth if you need to.

If you have questions about how your in-person or telehealth appointments are going, I am happy to talk with you and make any adjustments needed. I am comfortable with telehealth and know tips that can help provide you the best possible experience.

Let’s get started! Call me today with your questions or to set up an appointment: (720) 466-5667.